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What to Look for When Choosing a Mandurah Gym?

By Sarah Prahl January 7, 2021 July 28th, 2021 No Comments
Choosing a Gym

What do you look for when trying to find a good Mandurah gym? Here we’ve listed 10 things to consider when taking the time to find a membership with qualities you are looking for.

So you’ve finally decided to start a fitness program and are now on the lookout for the perfect gym to join.

Or maybe you’ve been working out at home religiously for the last little while and feel that the gym environment would help keep you motivated and offer you the social aspect of working out that you don’t receive while exercising alone at home.

Regardless of your circumstance, there are some key factors you should take into consideration when looking for a new fitness home.

  1. Cost

This is obviously going to be an important factor for most people. Many people out there today cannot afford the high priced memberships and personal training fees that some elite clubs offer. This does not mean you have to shy away altogether, however. If you are smart about it, often you can find ways to lower the cost.

The first thing to do is consider the season when buying your membership. Most gyms will offer discounted rates at the peak joining times such as right after the New Year and in September when most students go back to school.

This is when they anticipate a greater enrollment population as people are either trying to keep their New Year’s resolutions or are just getting back into the swing of things after taking the summer off.

  1. Membership profile

More gyms these days are catering to only a specific group of people. There are gyms that are targeting women-only, seniors, competitive athletes, or men.

This may be a particular concern if you are a woman. Many women feel slightly intimidated lifting weights among the stronger male population and will end up bypassing this part of their workout, which is something you definitely want to avoid.

They may also feel uncomfortable going to a mixed-gender gym as they find that they are constantly being objectified by the male population and would rather spend their time working out rather than worrying about what others are thinking of them.

Mandurah Gym

  1. Equipment

When looking for a gym, one thing you should make sure you do is go inside and take a good walk around. There are so many different types of equipment out there today and you will want to be sure that the gym has the ones you most often use.

If you mostly use dumbbells for your workout, you will want to check and see that they have multiple sets so that you can easily continue your workout if someone is utilizing the weight you normally use.

Finally, when walking around the gym, be sure that everything is not too crowded. Once it gets busy and people are all off doing their own thing, you don’t want to be distracted during your workout and feel like you have a limited space to work in. This may distract you and cause you to be less focused during your workout, thus setting yourself up for reduced progress and possibly even injury.

  1. Extra features

Some gyms will also offer added features to their members such as daycare, massage or physical therapy (usually at a cost), and a juice or snack bar.

If you have a young child that you have a hard time finding a babysitter for, this could be a very strong factor in your decision in choosing a gym.

You will want to inquire about the costs of daycare, whether it is worked into your membership or whether you will be charged extra for it.

The juice or snack bar is also a handy option to have for post-workout meals, but have a look and make sure they are offering a healthy selection and it’s not just a form of fast food for those on the go.

Some gyms also have nutritionists working on board so if this is an aspect of your life you wish to get help with, you may want to make use of this as well.

  1. Accessibility

You will want to take into account where the gym is relative to your house. The farther away the gym is, the less likely you will find yourself going.

Another option would be to consider how close the gym is to your work. This may be more convenient for you, so you can stop at the gym in the morning on your way to work or after on your way home.

Since you already have to go out of the house (or are already out from working) at least you won’t have this hurdle to overcome.

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