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Sam Twining - Personal Trainer

I grew up with no interest in sport or exercise of any kind. What did not help was that my hand-eye coordination and general sporting ability was horrendous. My parents would throw me into gym classes and make me cycle to school, however it just made me hate exercise even more.

Somehow at fourteen I agreed to go to a CrossFit class and my life completely changed. I fell in love with being strong and fit. I stopped getting picked last at sport and I was challenging the boys in my year on the leg press machine in the school gym.

Having weight trained since I was a young girl, I’ve experienced my fair share of “you’re going to get bulky” or “girls shouldn’t lift weights”. This created a strong desire in me to teach other girls and women how to lift weights and gain strength.

I can help you achieve your goals whether that be losing fat, gaining strength or simply improving your general health and wellbeing.


· Cert III & IV in Fitness

· CHFI General Population Transformation

· CrossFit L1

Client Testimonials

Best place in town - great facilities, great people.

JessicaThank you

Peel Thunderbirds hit the basement gym!! Love the gym, a great facility with good vibes and plenty of equipment. Backed by profession staff who love what they do!!

HeddzThank you

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