Mark Thomas - Personal Trainer

Mark Thomas - Trainer

Hypertrophy is my passion, and I want to inspire others to enjoy and understand the process too! I strive to provide the best results for you, using science based methodologies to optimise both your training and nutrition!

I love designing personalised training programs and nutrition templates which empower others to reach their goals. I pride myself in putting correct technique at the forefront of my training to ensure that all movements are performed safely, promote injury prevention and are best suited to your anatomy. If you are committed to changing your lifestyle, have no time for excuses and are willing to trust the process and myself, we will get great results.

  • Certificate III in Fitness
  • Certificate IV in Fitness
  • Master Trainer Level 1
  • Nutrition Coach
  • Provide First Aid

Client Testimonials

I look forward to every time i go to the basement! I mainly just go in and do my own thing but everyone’s so friendly and it’s such a supportive environment. It’s the only gym i’ve felt 100% comfortable training in!

JessicaThank you

5 stars for Ellery
I am very new to any gym but BDPT is so welcoming! Ellery’s wed arvo strength & conditioning classes are awesome. He pushes you to do your best and he has a fantastic sense of humour which makes the class enjoyable. Can’t wait for next weeks class.

SueThank you

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